Revisiting this recipe today as we watch football. This is a very easy and delicious Sunday sauce. Hope you enjoy!

Reclaiming My Health

Sunday dinner is taking a different twist today.  We have been eating a lot of comfort meals lately and many have been meat based. Today, we are enjoying one of our favorite meatless Sunday sauce recipes.   My husband brought home a nice large eggplant today with hopes I’d make eggplant parmesan again.  Since we just had that last week, I decided to turn this beautiful eggplant into a meatless meatball for our sauce.  We’ve had this meal before and it is a nice change of pace from the traditional meatball, and surprisingly quite tasty.

My brother and my niece are both vegetarians.  George grew up on the same meals as I did and has commented on my recent blog posts.  I knew he wouldn’t be eating them though and began to wonder how to offer meatless versions of these family traditions.  I will be experimenting with that concept over the…

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Progress Check

Reclaiming My Health

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break.  We are always so hard on ourselves when it comes to health and beauty.  So many people rely only on the scale to gauge success. I believe we need to find others ways to check in, especially if you’re feeling less than satisfied.  Don’t give up, just change your perspective and your measuring stick.

They say absence helps you to better see the changes in people.  Aging, weight loss and other life changes are more noticeable when you don’t see someone everyday.  This same principle applies to our own reflection in the mirror.

It’s always good to document your journey to health.  Weighing in is just one way to do this.   Measurements are another.   But the one which gives the most visual support is documenting your journey with photographs.

My friend mentioned to me the other day that she sees…

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