Wanna know a truth?

Head down.
I focus on the very next step.
For there awaits everything I seek.

Head down.
I pay attention to the details.
For there are found the answers.

Head down.
I move forward.
For there all finish lines are attained.

I believe in my strength.
For it has never failed me.

I go about the work of growing.
For it is my actions not my words.

I speak my truths.
For even whispered I hear all I say.

I am accepting of the difficult.
For I did not come here for easy.

I am accepting of the path.
For I trust it to lead me home.

I am accepting of the wall.
For I know it can be moved.

I face the unknowns.
For I am greater than my fears.

I pursue my dreams.
For I am worthy of them.

I choose to love.
For I am simply following my heart.

Head down. Quiet. Determined. Unwavering.

The choices I have made.
For how I shall live this life. ~G

by Tony Garcia

My online running friend writes and shares beautiful poetry.  He starts them all with a simple question – Wanna know a truth?  Tony’s words speak to so many of us and always touch something inside.   This poem really connected me to my experiences with trying to reclaim and maintain my health.

Most of you know my reasons for fighting this fight.  Many obstacles have presented along the way but I have, as Tony so eloquently writes, been unwavering and determined.  I’ve put my head down and focused on the next step.

Right now I’m resting my leg due to some pain.  Determined not to do damage I’ve dug in and forced myself to rest.  Unwavering in my quest to not eat unhealthy in response to stress, I’ve decided to do some detoxing.  No, I am not taking pills and drinking powdered food.  I’m doing a healthy detox, meaning simply I’m eating super clean, well except for that darn pizza last night –  Stacy’s fault.

Here’s my plan which, except for pizza temptation, is super easy and healthy.  Disclaimer here though, the pizza was preceded by a beautiful salad.   It was also fresh, clean and even had arugula on it.

Upon waking everyday, prior to breakfast, I drink a simple detox drink. Here’s the recipe:

Mix 4 oz coconut water with 4 oz of filtered spring water.  Add 2 tbsp of organic lemon juice and 2 tbsp organic Braggs apple cider vinegar. Add pinch of Cayenne pepper.  Stir and drink.  (Dr Axe)

Breakfast for me is a vegetable/fruit smoothie.  You know I need to sneak those veggies in somehow.  No powder required!

Sample of one –

3/4 cup coconut water and 1/4 spring water.  Add 3/4 cup frozen organic blueberries.  One raw organic egg.  Tbsp organic honey (Not required but oh so yummy). Handful organic spinach.  Blend in vitamix and drink.  Delicious!

Lunch is easy and many options.  Any combination of protein and vegetables or salad.  Keep it clean though.  I had these things for lunch this week.  Homemade vegetable soup on Monday, Tuesday – Thursday I had salads.  Clean organic romaine, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and a protein. Either grilled chicken or nuts.  My dressing was clean too.  Simple organic lemon juice with grape seed oil.  So refreshing.  There’s lots of other choices for healthier lunches.  Just be creative, while avoiding cold cuts, mayonnaise laden foods and fast foods.

Mid afternoon, I have a second detox drink.   Same as morning  version. Nice energy boost without coffee.

Dinner is protein and veggies also.  Organic grass fed meat, chicken, turkey burger or wild caught fish.  And of course last night’s delicious salad and pizza with friends.  My favorite dinner this week was the chicken tacos.  So clean and wrapped in romaine lettuce not taco shell.  The recipe for this is so simple.

Marinate organic chicken overnight in organic lime juice, cayenne pepper and chili powder.  You just need a tbsp or so of each spice, but I added a touch more as I like it spicy.   Just put it all in a ziplock bag.   Next day grill chicken.  Shred with fork.   Place chicken, raw organic cheddar cheese and guacamole on romaine lettuce boat.  Delicious and simple.

All my meals were homemade, simple, delicious and healthy.  Dinners took no more than 30 minutes from cooking to eating.  The only planning ahead required was shopping, menu planning and marinating overnight of chicken for the tacos.    It doesn’t have to be hard!  We just have to be unwavering and determined.  We have to know we are worth it.

Tony runs for his marine son and Benjamin.  I run and fight this fight for my health.  I do this for my daughter, my mom, my grandmother and all those who suffer from Alzheimer’s.  Nobody should lose the memories of their beautiful life.  Nobody should look at their husband of over 50 years without recognition.  No daughter should have to visit a mother who has no idea who they are.  This heartbreak will hopefully end in my lifetime. But, for now I will put my head down and focus just on my next step.

*The simple detox I discuss is based on that of Dr Axe.  His website has tons of information on how to live healthier lives.


Author: laurakump

I'm a mother, wife and daughter on a mission to reclaim my health. I've watched loved ones suffer from memory robbing Alzheimers and refuse to lose my precious memories to this disease. Small changes have helped me achieve health and fitness. I'm an Elementary School Principal on a mission to impact students lives. I believe we can change this world one child at a time.

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